How to view stXYM in MetaMask

With the Symbol launch, we have automatically distributed stXYM to stXEM holders, according to the same time NEM did their snapshot of NEM Block 3,105,500. We’ve also announced the completion of the snapshot at Block 12,025,294.

How to view stXYM in MetaMask wallet:

1. To first view stXYM, access your MetaMask wallet which holds your stXEM at Snapshot. This will be your browser extension. Click on MetaMask (located top right for Chrome users).

2. You would be asked to log in if you haven’t already.


3. Click on ‘Add Token‘.

4. Select ‘Custom Token’ and paste 0x8F5E78888f8933Ed676a62bB6B58a4b279aBE408  in the first Token Contract Address field. The remaining two fields will be populated automatically.

5. Click ‘Next’, and confirm it by clicking on ‘Add Tokens’. You should be able to view stXYM in your wallet balance from now.

Now, you’re all set. That’s all that you needed to do. If you don’t currently have stXYM, you may get them directly through a listed AMM.

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