How to swap ETH for stDASH on SushiSwap with MetaMask wallet

Note: This is different from the testnet guide. This is a step-by-step guide to swapping for stDASH on the mainnet.

In this guide, you will see how you can connect your MetaMask wallet, which you have created, to swap for stDASH on SushiSwap.

1. Go to SushiSwap ( and click ‘Connect to a Wallet’.

2. Select MetaMask from the list of wallets available.


3. The MetaMask extension will pop-up, requesting for you to select the account you would like to connect to. After ‘Next’, hit ‘Connect’.

4. You are now able to swap ETH for stDASH.

5. You will recieve a pop-up once again on MetaMask extension to request for you to confirm the transaction with details on the gas fees. Hit ‘Confirm’. (Note: Image attached is for illustration purposes and not reflective of actual transaction.)

6. If the stDASH balance is not reflecting, follow the bottom half of this guide to learn how to add and view stDASH in your MetaMask wallet.

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How to create a wallet on MetaMask

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a hot storage cryptocurrency wallet that works as a browser extension. It can be used on Chrome, Firefox, Brave Browser, and Microsoft Edge, and can be connected to your mobile app on both iOS and Android.

MetaMask Usage

When users are interested in yield farming, DeFi swapping, or providing liquidity to specific pools on Automated Market Makers (AMMs), depending on the AMMs, most of them would require a MetaMask wallet.

In this guide, you will learn how to create a wallet with MetaMask and how to view or add custom tokens.


Guide: How to Create a Wallet


1. Install MetaMask on your browser. You can head to, select your browser, and hit Install.


2. Click on ‘Get Started’ and you’ll be served two options. If you’re here reading this, you don’t have a wallet. So hit ‘Create a Wallet‘ on the right option.

3. Accept the T&Cs, and proceed to create a password. This password that you are creating and that Backup phrase (which comes later) will be what you need to access or import your wallet across different devices and browsers.

4. Backup Phrase. Super important. Write this down in a notebook that never leaves your hands, or download and keep the secret backup phrase somewhere offline and super secure. Just follow the instructions. As mentioned earlier, you will need this backup phrase in the future whenever you would like to login to this MetaMask wallet on your mobile or other browsers /devices.

5. Confirm your backup phrase.

6. Success! Congratulations, you’ve now created a MetaMask wallet.



Guide: How to Add/View Tokens

When your MetaMask wallet is ready, you will only be able to view your ETH balances. Should there be other transactions or if you would like view other ERC-20 tokens on your wallet, you would have to follow these steps:

1. If you are continuing with the above steps, you will be brought to the MetaMask page in your browser. Otherwise, simply select the MetaMask extension in your browser. (Note: for Chrome users, it may be hidden in the top right ‘puzzle’ icon.) You will see an ‘Add Token’ button. Click on it.

2. Select ‘Custom Token’ and paste the contract address of the token you are adding. You may find this information on Etherscan. Always make sure to triple-check the contract address with the respective project FAQ. If you are adding one of our stTokens, you can find their contract addresses in the ‘FAQ‘ page under their respective documents. Link to: stETH, stDASH, stFIRO, stXEM, stZEN.

After this, you just have to hit ‘Add Token’ again and you will see it reflected in your wallet. If you are adding any of our stTokens (stETH, stDASH, stFIRO, stXEM, stZEN), other two fields can be left blank as they will be automatically populated.