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The Hunt

What is the Hunt?

The HUNT is an exclusive pre launch event taking place in order to reward all the early participants with bonus HOUND tokens along with stakedTokens after the official stakedToken launch. 

As any Hunt event has a limited timeframe, you can acquire stakedTokens before the initial release and get a much higher HOUND token allocation. Anyone taking part in the  HUNTs is eligible to receive HOUND tokens with an extra bonus of 20-50% in tokens.


What are the extra bonuses for Hunts?

Each extra bonus is calculated with a multiplier, depending on user roles and activeness in the ongoing Hunts.

Hound Fan is any participant, who acquires stakedTokens (for example stakedXZC until October 30) and will grant a 1 x Bonus.

Acquire any stakedToken directly on StakeHound before the launch of the liquidity token in Q1 2021 and receive HOUND tokens. Specific details on the allocations will be released soon, but the distribution of tokens will be proportional as per exact percentage of total stakedTokens purchased.

Hound Master will receive an extra 0.2 Bonus per Hunt

This status is granted for any amount of stakedTokens during The Hunt phase to increase your HOUND Token multiplier by 0.2, with extra 20% of received HOUNDs, compared to Hound Fans.  Keep increasing the multiplier by participating in multiple upcoming Hunts. The Hunts for the stakedXZC, stakedXEM and stakedDASH are planned for October, November and December 2020.

Hound Hero will grant you an extra 0.5 Bonus

Participate in every StakeHound Hunt before the launch of the HOUND token to increase your received HOUNDs by an extra 50%, making the total multiplier equivalent to 1.5 or 150% in total amount of HOUND tokens compared to the Hound Fans.

What is a HOUND token?

HOUND token is original StakeHound token which  role is to support liquidity and transparent operation of the StakeHound ecosystem.

When HOUND tokens will be distributed?

HOUND token is to be distributed in the first quarter of 2021

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