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stMATIC is currently on testnet.

Testnet is an emulation of how the swap and trades work. The testnet cryptocurrencies cannot be transferred to or swapped for the ones on the mainnet.

Where can I see StakeHound’s assets?

Our MATIC is stored in and delegated from the following addresses:

  • 0xD5F1c385E8065aFb253b647322ed591B0370B1fC
  • 0x0DD7aF540Bd6098DaD090BC71e0e5F5319c6e0B0
  • 0x9073caeB1fD241e955FE1E54dA7F89Fcc33A08F5
  • 0x1c28e296099e6C23c019BFFB480ddF870FE390Ba
  • 0x2405c7c6fC041F1352FF139C4F6667E14620063A
  • 0xB5AdD8432770DcB18495FF7A1270528e003b5C62
  • 0xED3381b548957a918b930AA6f5b644Cc5C86792d
  • 0xA48B32aaDCCF4529F4da6b21E51e42cf40Af8563
  • 0xDd4586e9470a28D0b4641B5cDD7FC0c01bED622E
  • 0xF745B9fFC813C11875F7B503D1157F175b86cA06


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