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What is the contract address of stFIRO?

The contract address for stFIRO is 0x160B1E5aaBFD70B2FC40Af815014925D71CEEd7E

Where can I buy stFIRO?

stFIRO can be purchased on Sushi at the following address https://app.sushi.com/pair/0xb5c40e038c997c2946b24dc179f7cdcd279d8847
Always check that the token address matches what’s listed here.
You can use any token listed on Sushi to purchase stFIRO as the Sushi Routing system will ensure a trade if at all possible.

How can I see stFIRO in my MetaMask wallet?

To see the token in MetaMask, you need to add it as custom token in “Assets” “Add Token” → “Custom Token” and enter the token address 0x160B1E5aaBFD70B2FC40Af815014925D71CEEd7E.

How do I become a stFIRO Liquidity Provider?

You can earn fees from traders buying and selling stFIRO by becoming a Liquidity Provider on Sushi. To do so you will need stFIRO and stETH in equal amounts in terms of their value. Once you have that, you can add your tokens to the liquidity pool at the following address:

Where can I see StakeHound’s assets?

Our FIRO is stored at the following addresses

Is the source code for stFIRO public?

Is the code audited?

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