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What is the contract address of stDOT?

The contract address for stETH is 0xaef8418a33CA692138C411721668dFC40d8B11ce

Where can I buy stDOT?

Currently, the only way to get stDOT is via StakeHound here through a KYC process. You may exchange your DOT for stDOT at a 1:1 ratio.

How can I see stDOT in my MetaMask wallet?

To see the token in MetaMask, you need to add it as custom token in “Assets” “Add Token” → “Custom Token” and enter the token address 0xaef8418a33CA692138C411721668dFC40d8B11ce.

How do I become a stDOT Liquidity Provider?

Currently, there are no liquidity pools for stDOT. You can be the first to create a market and earn fees from traders buying and selling stDOT by becoming a Liquidity Provider on Sushi. To do so you will need stDOT and ETH in equal amounts in terms of their value. 

Where can I see the assets stored by StakeHound?

Our dot is stored in the following address – 164u9fvdGtDrN6dZm5ZA8wCaKY7i8JFziQ4Zt7oXNPx5A5q3

Is the source code for stDOT public?

Is the code audited?

Will I have to claim stDOT rewards manually, or will they be automatically received?

stDOT staking rewards will be distributed daily automatically. stDOT placed in liquidity pools will also be earning these rewards. You don’t have to take additional action to receive the rewards.

Why won’t I see additional transactions of stDOT staking rewards?

stToken holders will not see transactions of reward distribution as it is done through a rebase mechanism. Rebase refers to having an elastic token supply that adjusts according to specific metrics. In this case, stDOT’s total supply updates automatically according to the number of DOT staked through StakeHound. When DOT staking rewards are received, leading to an increase of DOT staked, the total stDOT supply is also increased accordingly. 

If Adam was holding onto 10 stDOT and the total DOT staked saw a 5% increase (due to rewards), Adam will now see 10.5 stDOT in his holdings – whether it’s in his wallet or in an AMM liquidity pool.

If I’m already staking, how is this any different?

As stDOT are ERC-20 tokens, this means that while you earn staking rewards, you have the flexibility of using stDOT to trade, hold, or do more such as yield farming, lending and borrowing, in the DeFi space.

How can I make the best out of stDOT?

There are various ways to do this.
1. You can hold stDOT to earn staking rewards.
2. On top of holding, you can also provide liquidity to stDOT pools. By providing liquidity to a multi-stakedToken pool (eg. stETH-stDOT), you’ll earn staking rewards from both stTokens.
3. With the LP token, you can farm it on SushiSwap (Onsen farms).

This means that you will be earning (1) Staking Rewards, (2) Trading fees, and (3) Sushi rewards = potentially 20-30% APY.


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