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What is the contract address of stZEN?

The contract address for stZEN is 0x31b595e7cfdb624d10a3e7a562ed98c3567e3865

Where can I buy stZEN?

stZEN can be purchased on SushiSwap at the following address https://exchange.sushi.com/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xdfe66b14d37c77f4e9b180ceb433d1b164f0281d&outputCurrency=0x31B595e7cfDB624D10A3E7A562eD98c3567e3865
Always check that the token address matches what’s listed here.
You can use any token listed on SushiSwap to purchase stZEN as the SushiSwap Routing system will ensure a trade if at all possible.

How can I see stZEN in my MetaMask wallet?

To see the token in MetaMask, you need to add it as custom token in “Assets” → “Add Token” → “Custom Token” and enter the token address 0x31b595e7cfdb624d10a3e7a562ed98c3567e3865.

How do I become a stZEN Liquidity Provider?

You can earn fees from traders buying and selling stZEN by becoming a Liquidity Provider on SushiSwap. To do so you will need stZEN and stETH in equal amounts in terms of their value. Once you have that, you can add your tokens to the liquidity pool at the following address https://app.sushi.com/pair/0x033f4a33823595a6dd9df0672fd94de32c65c415

Where can I see StakeHound’s assets?

Our ZEN is stored at the following addresses

Is the source code for stZEN public?

Is the code audited?

Why won’t I see additional transactions of stZEN staking reward distribution?

stToken holders will not see transactions of reward distribution as it is done through a rebase mechanism. Rebase refers to having an elastic token supply that adjusts according to specific metrics. In this case, stZEN’s total supply updates automatically according to the number of ZEN staked through StakeHound. When ZEN staking rewards are received, leading to an increase of ZEN staked, the total stZEN supply is also increased accordingly. 

If Adam was holding onto 10 stZEN and the total ZEN staked saw a 5% increase (due to rewards), Adam will now see 10.5 stZEN in his holdings – whether it’s in his wallet or in an AMM liquidity pool.

If I’m already running ZEN nodes, how is this any different?

As stZEN are ERC-20 tokens, this means that while you earn node staking rewards, you have the flexibility of using stZEN to trade, hold, or do more such as yield farming, lending and borrowing, in the DeFi space. Refer to ‘How can I make the best out of stZEN’ for more details.

Unfamiliar with SushiSwap? Try stZEN™ on the Testnet today:

Testnet is an emulation of how the swap and trades work. The testnet cryptocurrencies cannot be transferred to or swapped for the ones on the mainnet.


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