Meet stakedFIRO (stFIRO)

stakedFIRO logo

Following official rebranding which former Zcoin (XZC) currently Firo has undertaken StakeHound is updating the logo and ticker for stakedXZC.

Recently Zcoin (XZC) has initiated it’s rebranding with the new name of the coin FIRO. The change has already appeared on the website of the protocol as well as in some of the listing platforms and exchanges. And in its turn StakeHound has made corresponding changes to the stakedXZC token name and logo.

What has changed?

As the changes made by the Zcoin are a pure rebranding involving only the name and the visual appearance of the brand now to be known as FIRO there were no technical upgrades to the smart contract itself. Thus StakeHound applied following changes to the stakedXZC:

  1. Instead of StakedXZC the new name of the token is now stakedFIRO
  2. The shorter abbreviation or ticker of the new token is stFIRO
  3. The new logo of the stakedFIRO (stFIRO) 

You will be able to notice the changes both in our platform and in the coin listing platforms such as CoinMarketCap or Coingecko in the nearest future.

Action from the user required:

There are no mandatory actions required from the user side! However if you wish to see an updated name of the token in your metamask wallet you just take these 2 simple steps:

And you are all set! Happy Trading!