How to swap ZEN for stZEN

Note: This is different from the testnet guide. This is a step-by-step guide to swapping for stZEN on the mainnet with ZEN.

In this guide, you will see how you can swap your ZEN for stZEN. It is recommended to go through the KYC process 3-5 days before the actual transaction as it takes time for approval. If you would like to swap ETH for stZEN, read this other guide.

At this point of writing, the only way to get stZEN is through StakeHound with Altcoinomy. If you’re not a fan of waiting, you can still acquire stZEN through SushiSwap with ETH. We are constantly working on building more bridges so if you would like to be updated with the project developments, join the Discord community.


Before you begin, please prepare:
1. Identity document (Identity card or Passport)

2. Proof of Residence (Only required

At this point of writing, unfortunately, this method will not be applicable to US non-accredited investors.

Afterwards, you may proceed:

1. Head to our website (, scroll down and you will see a row with Horizen’s logo. To the right, click on ‘Exchange at 1:1 ratio’ just below the ‘Buy on SushiSwap’ button.

2. Begin the KYC Process.

4. Check your email for the validation code. Key in your validation code and proceed. You will now see a list of stakedTokens. Choose stZEN as an individual/company. Hit ‘Participate’.

5. You will need to spend roughly 5-10 minutes on this page to fill in your details. It is a chronological process – you won’t be able to skip to the next step until the prior section is filled up. Once you reach the end of it, be sure to download the generated document and read it.

You will then be asked to fill in the ‘Token Delivery Address’. This is the address to which you will receive your stZEN after the KYC has been approved and ZEN has been received. Afterwards, you may check the T&C box, and hit ‘Finalise My KYC’.

After finalizing your KYC, the Altcoinomy team will schedule a video call for KYC/AML processes to verify your identity. Once this process has been completed, you will be updated on your KYC status, and requested to send ZEN. Once your ZEN transaction has been verified on their end, stZEN will then be released to your Token Delivery Address.

Have Questions on Support? Join the StakeHound x Altcoinomy Telegram group.

Have Questions on stZEN? Join the stZEN Discord Community.