How to Provide Liquidity to stETH-stDIVI on SushiSwap [testnet]

This is a continuation from the first stDivi testnet guide.

NOTE: The stDivi testnet is an emulation for users to familiarise themselves with the process of acquiring stDivi and providing liquidity to the pool without using real cryptocurrencies. Please note that while the steps will be the same when stDivi is live on the mainnet, the mainnet Contract Address and Link to SushiSwap Pair will be different from this guide. 

Before you begin with this guide, you would have already created a Metamask wallet and acquired some stDIVI. You may follow the steps below for clarity. If you already have stETH, skip the first half of this guide and proceed to ‘Providing liquidity’.

Getting stETH

You may follow through the first half of this guide to get stETH, or simply refer to the stDIVI testnet guide but change stDIVI details to:

1. Switch your Metamask network from ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ to ‘Ropsten Test Network’ through the browser extension.


3. Request for any amount of ETH from faucets [,]. Input your wallet address. You can find your wallet address in the Metamask extension. Click on it and click on the Account name to copy your wallet address to clipboard. Paste it in the field and click on ‘Send Ropsten ETH’.


4. Once you are done, it will reflect a transaction hash. Click on it to be taken to Etherscan which will reflect the status of the rETH transaction. Please note that you might have to wait up to 2 minutes for the transaction to be successful. Check your wallet in the Metamask extension. You should see the number of ETH now available in your wallet.


5. Head to SushiSwap to get some stETH: Connect your MetaMask wallet to SushiSwap (top right in the navigation bar). Afterwards, check ‘I understand’ in the warning message and click ‘Import’. If stETH is not showing up, double check your MetaMask account through the browser extension if your network is on ‘Ropsten Test Network’ instead of the mainnet.  


6. Now, you can use the ETH you have received from the faucet to swap for stETH. If there is no warning message, you just need to click on ‘Confirm Swap’ to proceed. You may refer to this guide for the exact steps toward completion of acquiring stETH, but replace ‘stDIVI’ with ‘stETH’.


Providing Liquidity

Now that you own stDIVI and stETH in your wallet, head to the Sushiswap pair. Key in the amount you would like to contribute to the pool in either of the fields. The other will be automatically populated based on the pairing. After this, you would need to approve spend of stDIVI and stETH twice on both Sushi and MetaMask, to confirm your transaction. With this, you have successfully added liquidity to the stDIVI-stETH pair on the testnet!



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